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I am on a weight loss journey as I work to become the best version of myself.

Pots and Pans and Self-Worth


I struggle with self-worth. I heard somewhere once that we choose our dragons. I am so grateful that this is mine. I live a life so lovely, that I struggle with feeling like I deserve it.

(Harry Potter Reference Warning:)

I love Harry Potter. December is my favorite time of the year, in part, because December is when I start re-reading Harry Potter. (Because Hogwarts=Christmas to me.) I notice something new every time. I was out of town, taking a bubble bath in a hotel tub when the beautiful detail of Nevill’s broken wand touched my heart. You see, Nevill has always lived in the former glory of his father. He had also inherited his father’s want, which broke during the fight for the Prophecy. In that moment, Nevill was free.

Total side moment.

Anyway, my point is that this Rowling’s prophecy leaves room for choice. Voldermort chose Harry. Just like we choose our problems. Of all the problems to have, this one’s cake. Still, one day I want to be a mom. I don’t want my son or daughter to struggle with thier own self-doubt because I never faced mine.

This theory helped me along that journey. I am hoping that sharing it with you will help you along yours.

Pots, Pans, Lids, and Worth

When we are born, we are born with a metaphorical set of pots and pans with factory-perfect lids.

However, as we live our life, those lids get damaged. Intentionally, accidentally, or otherwise.  Sometimes we lose our lids or have them stolen from us. We need these lids. They prevent steam from burning those around us. In this clumsy metaphor, the steam is our emotion, our impulses, and other things that drive our behavior before we realize it.

If we want to be on the stove with all of the other pots and pans, we need lids. Some of us have experiences that enable us to build new lids. Sometimes those lids are elegant in their redesign, and sometimes those lids are functional, but not exactly pretty. Sometimes those lids aren’t functional.

Think about someone you have a conflict with. Now imagine that they have done the best with what they have. Imagine that you can see their poorly constructed lid. Imagine that all of their quirks and words, whether cruel or benign, are just steam escaping from that poorly constructed lid.

I have always felt separate, and apart. Ironically, I am not alone.

However, when this thought came to me, I had so much gratitude swell up in me because my take away was this.

Yes, my lids are a work in progress. But, they are functional.

Imperfect and Functioning

I’m imperfect, but I am a functioning set of pots and pans. I have sculpted my lids so that they don’t let steam blow everywhere. This was such an exciting idea because it pointed me in a new direction. A direction of self-care. Now that my lids are functional, I am ready to do the work to make them beautiful.

Because I deserve beautiful lids, and so do you.

You’re Not Alone

If you struggle with worth or confidence, you are not alone. Find your tribe and they will invigorate you.

I have found the following books and YouTube channels that I have found to be the most transformative. These links are not affiliated, just my offering.

Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

5 Second Rule, Mel Robbons

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

Brittany Vasseur

By Rochelle

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Treat Yo’Self! Build and Perfect a Pampering Winter Routine

Winter is in the air and this is my favorite time of year. I drive David, my husband, crazy with music, decorating, and traditions. If you’ve always dreamed of building routines, but were never sure how to start, check out my video on How to Build Routines.

Routine Can Put Your Health Habits on Autopilot

This year, Christmas is also all about getting ready for the New Year. I lost 50 lbs in 2017. I am hoping to lose another 50 lbs in 2018. As a way to celebrate, and to slowly get myself back into the swing of things, I’ve decided to go out of my way and build pampering details into my daily routines. Here is how I treat myself, how will you treat yo’ self?!

I am going to buckle back down on this weight-loss journey, but I want to give myself a luxurious threshold. And, since I love Christmas time (like, really, love it. I listen to Christmas music in the shower, I listen to instrumental Christmas music at work, I decorate to Christmas music, cook to Christmas music. Hello, my name is Jenna and I’m addicted – to Christmas. So, for my favorite time of the year, I decided to put together a truly lush morning routine.

Usually, my winter break is a whirlwind of projects. Last year I organized my entire kitchen, pantry, and linen closet. This time around, I wanted to build in some me time. I did a little research, and have perfected integrating little things into your daily schedule to make you feel pampered every day!

1. Buy your favorite holiday-flavored tea


For me, that’s sugar cookie and peppermint. I didn’t invest a ton of time finding gingerbread flavored, but that would be a welcome addition to my Christmas Tea collection.

BONUS: Decaffeinated tea ounces count toward your hydration goals! Delicious AND helps me slay my hydration goals? Um. Yes, please!

2. Set up a drink station


We have tea, decaf coffee, dairy-free powdered creamer, sugar-free hot chocolate with sweetener all set up in my little office. As well as my daily steady, I teach kids English in the wee hours of the morning with VIPKid. (In Fact, I should go to bed right now, but I’m going to finish up this post first. And not read. I won’t read. I won’t read. I won’t read. [Next day update: I didn’t read!! Go me!!] Anyway, we also have creamers in the mini fridge we keep in the man-cave. (Laziness level SAVAGE!)

3. Lotion up the lux way


If you’ve looked at my stuff before, you might notice that I mention Brittany Vasseur…a lot. This little hack actually came from her pregnancy morning routine video. (Here is the link) I got a $5 candle/mug warmer at Walmart and a little ceramic cup from the dollar store. Before I hop in the shower, I pump some lotion and oil into the little cup and let it warm on the warmer. Warm lotion on your skin during the colder months is, literally, a frickin’ win.

4. Feed your beast


This year I began a brand new tradition; I’m going to start reading the Harry Potter Series starting December 1st each year. I don’t know why, but Harry Potter just screams Christmas to me. (I’m Ravenclaw, BTW.) Listening to one of my favorite stories, revisiting some of my favorite characters, puts me in the best mood. Your beast might be drama-filled housewives shows, or gardening, or – well, literally anything.




Honorable Mentions:

The routines I built are the reason that I’ve been able to lose 50 lbs, start a side-hustle that makes me about $300/month, and projects to pour my passion into. Here are my favorite aspects of my morning routine.

For my full morning routine, click here to see the video

  • Gratitude journal – starting your day off with gratitude sets your brain up to look for reasons to be grateful all day, which research shows can improve your mood.
  • Bullet Journal routine – I’m a BuJo newbie and hack. I love the idea of it, but I have zero follow throw. My 2018 goal is to get better at this business.
  • Exercise – I work out at 5 am every weekday. I think I am going to incorporate 20-minute leisure walks on the weekend because when I am physically active at the beginning of a day, I tend to be more physically active for the rest of the day and I tend to lose less (not all) hours to binging on Netflix or Youtubery.
  • Meditate – Headspace has been amazing for me and I can’t recommend it enough.

Reach Out

How do you pamper yourself on cold winter mornings when there is slaying to be done and your bed’s gravitational pull seems insurmountable? Comment below, or find me on the soshymeeds.

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3 Easy and Quick Ways to Save Your Willpower for BIG Things

Your willpower is like a gas tank

When you wake up in the morning, your willpower tank is full. It replenishes with sleep. Once I understood this little fact, inspiration struck.

1. Plan your outfits for the week

$5 and 15 minutes on Sunday saves me from decision fatigue. Instead of spending an ounce of willpower, I have five dollar store baskets in my closet. I put my clothes for that day along with any underthingies and jewelry.

Some people like to hang their clothes together, but I like the separation of my weekly outfits from my wardrobe. It makes it easy for me to see what I am wearing on a weekly basis so that when it is time to declutter, it’s easy to think about what clothes sparks joy, and which are just taking up space.

Decisions saved: at least 5
– which underthings to wear
– outfit to wear?
–  jewelry to wear? necklace? long? short?
–  shoes to wear? flats? heels? sandals?
–  socks to wear? color? style?

2. Pack your meals for the week

My favorite thing about Harry Potter is Mrs. Weasley and the homemaking magic that allows her to knit sweaters, clean dishes, and create meals. I wish life was like that. I wish I could wave my wand and have all the adulting things done. Spend an hour or two on the weekends and prepare your lunch for the week. You can find a ton of quick and easy ideas on my this Pinterest board.

My favorite lunches

Although, my favorite lunches are the easiest things. I love easy, but I need healthy and cheap.

  • Chili (any variety of beans, diced tomatoes, cumin seasoning)
    Open, drain, rinse the can of black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and fire-roasted tomatoes and dump them all in the instapot with a good amount of cumin, salt, and pepper.
  • Cucumber, Avocado, Tajin seasoning
    I slice a cucumber, slice up half an avocado, and throw them in a bowl. Sometimes I’ll add raw onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jicama or whatever tickles my fancy.
    Decisions Saved: at least 4

    – pack a lunch or buy a lunch today?
    – what to make for lunch
    – what to pack with your main lunch
    – which containers/Tupperware/bags to use

3.  Rotate your menus/meal delivery service

Before we got a meal delivery service, I built 4 months of meals that I rotated. You can even organize your list using my digital bullet journal meal plan template. Planning eventually took no time because I recycled the same four months. I could plan, shop, prep, and organize within two-three hours. That was two-three hours of running my gas tank.

Click on the image above to visit the template

We get 3 dinners for $60 a week. Even with groceries for lunches and the basics, I still spend about $100 on groceries. However, I have zero food waste at the end of the week, I have cut my grocery shopping time down from an hour to 15 minutes. I have cut my meal-prep time to nothing. The best part? I make all of my meal-plan related decisions on the weekend with a glass of wine during Friday-night movie time.

Click to visit my YouTube review

Decisions saved: at least 3
– what to make for dinner (every night)
– which recipes to try
– which ingredients to buy

What will you do with your 12 decisions a day?

Twelve small decisions translate into three or four big decisions. It’s like saving the gas from several small trips for a big trip. If you recovered 12 decisions worth of willpower “gas,” what would you spend it on?

– working out?
– daily cleaning routines?
– meditation?
– Yoga?
– pursuing a passion?
– create something?
– write a novel?
– build healthy habits?
– crafting/DIY projects?

“You are one decision away from a completely different life” #5SecondRule | @MelRobbins
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