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I’m MrsJennaRodgers, or, just Jenna.

Over my decade-long educational career, I had gained 50 pounds. I was spending all of my energy trying to create the coolest stuff for my kidlets, and I was treating my body like a garbage disposal of negative emotions. Work-Life balance, mindfulness, being present, all of these things are so much more than hashtags. They are the key to achieving a peaceful state of mind and getting the most out of life. I used to rush out of bed, rush through my morning, rush through my work day, rush through my home chores, grouse that I didn’t have enough “me” time, but never made “me time” a priority.

Using the aforementioned self-improvement practices I have been able to find peace with my anxiety, I’m learning to stop habits I didn’t even realize was annoying (like interrupting someone or finishing their sentence.) I know that, right now, I am the best version of myself.

It is my hope to inspire you to follow your dreams and find the best version of yourself because I have been so inspired by people brave enough to share their story. I’m also hoping to supplement my family income so that we can work less, live more, live debt-free, and raise our future children.

I also interview educators in my digital #pln (@TosaChat, #CueChat) share tutorials, research, resources, and much more every week. I’m working on #NGSS fluency, as well as #UDL mastery this year.

[I wrote a Facebook Post about the One-Page NGSS Sheets. They have limitations but can be a nice overview of one moving piece of the NGSS, the Performance Expectations.]

#ngss onepagengss

I’m also hoping to get my Google Level 2 certification this school year. This blog is a place where I can use my gift of service. I hope someone finds these words and resources useful. If you do, please take just a second to give me a digital high-five.

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I am here to learn from you. Please reach out because we are all #BetterTogether.