2018 Goals .:|:. A Roadmap to My Best Self

How I planned my 2018 goals

Monthly Goals

January 2018

There is no momentum like New Year momentum. It’s a magical thing that happens to our brains when we gear up to something new. That’s why advertisers tell you to publish on a release schedule. We can use this little hack against our habit-loving brains. I am going to use this to set up a schedule that I can follow for the rest of the year.

  • YouTube: I created a video template that will repeat itself throughout the year. Half of the work is done for me every time, making the idea of creating and editing a weekly video seem manageable. I’m also going to follow the same format to make it easy to see the growth between videos.


Work out 5x a week
Complete Daily Cleaning Task
Lose 8 lbs
Release video the first 4 videos of the year

Task: Greeting Card Round Up – A bad movie (or a good movie, if that’s your taste [You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!]) and an adult beverage is all it takes for me to set up my entire year. If you want to see a more in-depth¬†tutorial on how I set up every birthday, anniversary, and other special occasion¬†cards once a year and take the stress out of making loved ones feel special, you can read the upcoming blog post here.

~*~ Check out this Prezi I made for my entire year’s worth of goals. ~*~


Weekly Goals

  • Compare last week’s measurements and this week’s with for this weeks actual
  • Did I meet my goals?
  • What will next week goals be?
  • How will I meet them?
  • Work out 5x this week
  • Complete daily cleaning tasks
  • Lose 2 lbs


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