How Much Can you Really Make Teaching with VIPKid?

I’m a VIPKid Teacher

David and I are adopting. It costs about $35k, and we are planning for David to be the stay at home parent. That means that I needed to find a way to supplement our income. Luckily, I came across VIPKid.

My first class was during the final week of November, and I made roughly $120 that week. So far, during the month of December, with 27 classes, I’ve made over $250. At this point, I work about an hour a day – sometimes I’ll work 2 hours on the weekend. However, eventually, I want to work from 2am-6am Sunday-Friday.

How Much I’ve Made from VIPKid in December

Below you will find the screenshot of my total paycheck for December, so far. Using some fancy math, I figured out that I will make about $350 for the entire month unless I get more bookings.

(This doesn’t reflect the entire month, just up to December 17, 2017)
Projection for Entire Month of December – $500

Classes began Friday, December 1st

End of November, Beginning of December ~ 4 hours ~ about $70

Below you can see that I wanted to ease myself into this. I chose a variety of strategies for the first week. I wanted to see how early I could wake up without feeling like a zombie during my day gig. I decided I was going to try and be crazy on December 2nd. I worked all day Friday, and then I stayed up the entire night. I think I took a nap between 2 and 3 am. However, by the last class, I was rallying myself. I was shaking, weak, my stomach hurt, and it was not a pleasant experience. I was grateful that I had the forethought to try only once. Whew! I love when I do a smart thing. But, in the end, I only worked 4 hours the first few days of December.

December ~ Week #1 ~ 5.5 hours ~ about $90

The first full week of December shows that I was still taking it pretty easy. I had a conference that I had to attend out of town on Thursday and Friday night, so I chose to not mess with a potential Teacher No Show since I didn’t really know about the wifi capabilities. For this week, I worked 5.5 hours.

December ~ Week #2 ~ 5.5 hours ~ about $90

In the second full week of December, I kept my availability limited. I wanted to see what it would feel like to wake up early most days of the work week. I purposefully chose the latest times to see if I could eventually work to waking up at 1:30 am, teaching from 2 am – 6 am, doing my morning routine and work an entire day IRL. I worked 5.5 the entire week.

December ~ Week #3 ~ 4.5 hours ~ about $80

Week three was a great opportunity, but with limited days. I was able to work more hours the few times that I taught. My birthday is December 23rd and David has something planned. (A little romantic cabin in the woods with a hot tub, a fireplace, and we get to bring our puppies!) This week I worked 4.5 hours because I chose to take Tuesday the 19th off. I’m not working early Thursday because our local theater company is showing Nightmare Before Christmas. I know that I will be out late, so – yeah. Tim Burton wins.

December ~ Week #4 ~ 10 hours ~ about $170

Week 4 of December was a bit tricky because it was my final week off from work. I decided to work on Christmas, (yes, ba humbug.) However, since we’re driving just a few hours away to my father’s house, I think it will be fine. This week is my “can I function all day after working 4 hours a day?” experiment. This week I will work 10 hours, potentially 16 more hours if those booking spots fill. If this week goes on as is, I will make about $180 this week. If I can get all of the spots filled, I will make around $450 this week.


Get your Side Hustle On

If you are a teacher (or someone with a BA with teaching experience) and you are in the position where you can go to bed a little early, wake up a little early, and find some weekend hours and you want to make anywhere from $100-500 a month?

Reach out, ask questions, I’m happy to share what little I know. If you’ve been inspired to apply, please consider using my referral link:

How to manage it all?

I have a YouTube Channel where I document my weight loss journey. (I’m 50 lbs down and have 60lbs more to go.)

I also do a weekly (that’s the plan, but…sometime’s it’s monthly, other times it’s seasonally,) podcast where I discuss cool EdTech tools, tips, and hacks.

How do I find time to exercise, meal plan, work a full-time demanding job at a County Office of Education, and find 4 hours a day to teach VIPkid, all while getting enough sleep? Routines!!

(If you’re curious about Routines you can watch my YouTube Video, or read about how I built my routines to make healthy habits automatic.)

The final piece of advice:

Join Facebook Groups

VIPKid – Videos & Props – Teacher Jennie Anderson moderates this gold-mine of a group. Lots of cute ideas, and very interactive and supportive folks.

VIPKid – Newbie Support – No question is too small for this supportive group.

VIPKid – Tips and Tricks – These folks think outside the box and share their creative ideas with you!

Use the Collaborative Lesson Bank

The Collaborative Lesson Bank – Part resource, part Facebook group, all awesome. I get my feedback done within minutes of finishing class thanks, in part, to this awesome resource. It can be a bit tricky to begin to use, but once you get the hang of it – Whoa, Nelly!

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