3 Easy and Quick Ways to Save Your Willpower for BIG Things

Your willpower is like a gas tank

When you wake up in the morning, your willpower tank is full. It replenishes with sleep. Once I understood this little fact, inspiration struck.

1. Plan your outfits for the week

$5 and 15 minutes on Sunday saves me from decision fatigue. Instead of spending an ounce of willpower, I have five dollar store baskets in my closet. I put my clothes for that day along with any underthingies and jewelry.

Some people like to hang their clothes together, but I like the separation of my weekly outfits from my wardrobe. It makes it easy for me to see what I am wearing on a weekly basis so that when it is time to declutter, it’s easy to think about what clothes sparks joy, and which are just taking up space.

Decisions saved: at least 5
– which underthings to wear
– outfit to wear?
–  jewelry to wear? necklace? long? short?
–  shoes to wear? flats? heels? sandals?
–  socks to wear? color? style?

2. Pack your meals for the week

My favorite thing about Harry Potter is Mrs. Weasley and the homemaking magic that allows her to knit sweaters, clean dishes, and create meals. I wish life was like that. I wish I could wave my wand and have all the adulting things done. Spend an hour or two on the weekends and prepare your lunch for the week. You can find a ton of quick and easy ideas on my this Pinterest board.

My favorite lunches

Although, my favorite lunches are the easiest things. I love easy, but I need healthy and cheap.

  • Chili (any variety of beans, diced tomatoes, cumin seasoning)
    Open, drain, rinse the can of black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and fire-roasted tomatoes and dump them all in the instapot with a good amount of cumin, salt, and pepper.
  • Cucumber, Avocado, Tajin seasoning
    I slice a cucumber, slice up half an avocado, and throw them in a bowl. Sometimes I’ll add raw onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jicama or whatever tickles my fancy.
    Decisions Saved: at least 4

    – pack a lunch or buy a lunch today?
    – what to make for lunch
    – what to pack with your main lunch
    – which containers/Tupperware/bags to use

3.  Rotate your menus/meal delivery service

Before we got a meal delivery service, I built 4 months of meals that I rotated. You can even organize your list using my digital bullet journal meal plan template. Planning eventually took no time because I recycled the same four months. I could plan, shop, prep, and organize within two-three hours. That was two-three hours of running my gas tank.

Click on the image above to visit the template

We get 3 dinners for $60 a week. Even with groceries for lunches and the basics, I still spend about $100 on groceries. However, I have zero food waste at the end of the week, I have cut my grocery shopping time down from an hour to 15 minutes. I have cut my meal-prep time to nothing. The best part? I make all of my meal-plan related decisions on the weekend with a glass of wine during Friday-night movie time.

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Decisions saved: at least 3
– what to make for dinner (every night)
– which recipes to try
– which ingredients to buy

What will you do with your 12 decisions a day?

Twelve small decisions translate into three or four big decisions. It’s like saving the gas from several small trips for a big trip. If you recovered 12 decisions worth of willpower “gas,” what would you spend it on?

– working out?
– daily cleaning routines?
– meditation?
– Yoga?
– pursuing a passion?
– create something?
– write a novel?
– build healthy habits?
– crafting/DIY projects?

“You are one decision away from a completely different life” #5SecondRule | @MelRobbins
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