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Head on over to if you haven’t heard of bullet journaling.

It is a combination of an organization system, task list keep, calendar tracker, habit tracker, book list, any list, really – anything. I loved bullet journaling. I loved doodling, deciding color scheme, and everything else. What I didn’t love was HOW TIME-CONSUMING it was.

In my professional capacity, I work with technology to make teacher’s lives easier. I help people understand the tools that are out there that will provide them with self-grading quizzes, math practice that feels like games, and other fun and engaging ways to give students the opportunity to create content, rather than passively consuming it.

So, I figured, why not do that with my Bullet Journal?

Tracking habits became as simple as clicking a button, events and tasks became infinitely easier to manage. And, most important to me, because it was digital, I. Could. Never. Lose. It!!! (A feat for me)

My own digital bullet journal is full of recipes, lists, tasks, notes, and everything else. I created a template to share with my friends who were curious, and today, I’m sharing that template with you!

My own digital bullet journal is full of recipes, lists, tasks, notes, and everything else. I created a template to share with my friends who were curious, and today, I’m sharing that template with you!



This is crucial. Using Google Sheets means that you have an unlimited amount of tabs at your fingertips, which is amazing, and overwhelming. Using the simple “link” feature on a cell in the index page, you can keep track of all of your pages. This is also useful when creating a new page because you can link back to the index page, making navigation SUPER simple!

Weekly Grocery List

Making your list is easy because it’s been segmented by common areas in the grocery store, saving you time and money because your location-organized grocery list will keep you on track. When you download the Google Sheets App (iOS App Download -or- Android App Download) there is an amazing button, the strike-through button. You can simply touch the screen and your item will be stricken through!

Task List


The beauty of the Bullet Journal system is that it has a predictable flow. You start with your future log, your monthly spreads, then your daily spreads.  This little page will help you keep track of events, projects, due dates, bills, and all other things that sneak up on us. Ever wish you could have your Christmas cards ready early? Put “write Christmas Letter” in November. “Order Christmas Cards” in October. When you’re looking at your Weekly Spread and Daily Logs, you can revisit this page easily to populate it with events and tasks.

Weekly Spread and Daily Log


This is what I touch and look at daily. The three columns help me organize my tasks, which is a blessing! I have a lot on my plate, just like I bet you do. I keep track of tasks, link relevant emails, and plan my blog, videos, and other social media events. If I accomplish a task, I use the strikeout key.


If I don’t accomplish a task, I just change the font color to a light gray. This helps me figure out if I’m giving myself too much to do in a day, (if the tasks are grayed out,) or if I am not giving myself enough to do (all items use the strikethrough font.)

Habit Tracker

Part of the magic of the Bullet Journal is that you can keep track of the healthy habits you’re trying to build. This page helps you do that. You select a series of habits that you would like to keep track of. Type in the days of the week across the top row.

I like to use M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, R for Thursday, F for Friday, S for Saturday, and N for Sunday.

Then input the dates and use the lightest color to set your goals and darker colors to show which days you accomplished those goals.

Cleaning Zones


Because we only have one spin on this planet, I don’t want to spend a ton of time cleaning. However, cleaning my house has given me the mental and emotional energy to make the best and healthiest choices.

Daily zones are things that I accomplish on a daily basis. The Weekly DC (Deep Cleaning) zones are restricted to a single room and each daily task should take no more than 20-30 minutes. I got the zone rotation idea from DoItonADime.

Mood Matrix


If you are a fan of the Bullet Journal system, then you are probably familiar with BohoBerry. She does a Mood Mandala Spread that tracks her daily mood throughout the month in a beautiful mandala. It’s gloriously beautiful. It was more important for me to get the data, to just track my feelings.

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