OOJOT Ep.10 – Nearpod

Episode 10: nearpod

I love sharing free tools with educators, and this nearpod a good one, However, it is important that I mention that there are upgraded levels. However, all of the basic functionality is useful. The true gem of the free subscription is access to the library of lessons. Teachers are insanely creative and the search database is intuitive and easy to use.

What is nearpod?

It’s a digital platform that creates slide decks that are engaging and embeds formative assessment. Although you can upgrade, you don’t need to have a paid account to access the basic functions and the true gem of the subscription: the library of lessons.


Why Use nearpod?

  • “Tools for the most important job in the world”
  • Digital slide deck creator
  • Control font, It works on tablets, iPhone and Android devices, laptops, and computers.
    • nearpod is FREE to use to use on a laptop and computer, funded by the Usborne Foundation.
  • Data-Rich teacher tool to help:
    • Monitor progress through
    • Guide instruction
    • Data to guide discussions
    • Access to Lesson Bank

How do teachers use NearPod?

  • Guided discussion (art and vocabulary)
  • Share Phenomenon and building model lesson
  • Guiding discussions
  • Keeping track of close reading, close writing, ongoing discussions
  • Track student comprehension during a lesson
  • Collect data on student understanding to guide instruction
  • Language Arts Centers, a prepared slide deck
  • Coaches/Administrators
    • SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition)

Using nearpod can give structure and jazz to the lessons that require the classic sit-and-get instruction. I believe, wholeheartedly in the integrated, exploratory model of learning. Research shows us that people learn by doing. That’s just how our brains work.

However, since I’ve been working for VIPKid (where I teach English to kids in China in the very early hours of the morning,) I’ve really seen the value of visual and interactive slide decks.

On a side note: I’ve made $1,400 in 10 weeks working with VIPKid. I only work a few hours a day, it’s a truly lucrative side-hustle. Click here to use my referral link, If you’re curious. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter: @mrsjennarodgers and I’ll walk you through the process.

Let me know…

I was truly honored to see how many downloads my podcast have had. If you’re listening, and you have a second, do me a favor and give me a wave. I’d love to hear from you. I started this podcast to start a conversation. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram – mrsjennarodgers

Want to know about a tool?

If you want to hear an episode about a tool, topic, strategy, find me on twitter @oojotpodcast, or email me jenna@mrsjennarodgers.me.

If you use @nearpod. I’d love to learn about how you use it in your classroom. So, give me a tweet or an email.

Next week I will begin my series on the Digital Library. It’s something we’ve all heard of, but I’m going to do my best to spread the word about this amazing resource. More on that next week.

A special thanks to Shumit from California Academy of Science. Check out the workshops and free resources!!


Pots and Pans and Self-Worth


I struggle with self-worth. I heard somewhere once that we choose our dragons. I am so grateful that this is mine. I live a life so lovely, that I struggle with feeling like I deserve it.

(Harry Potter Reference Warning:)

I love Harry Potter. December is my favorite time of the year, in part, because December is when I start re-reading Harry Potter. (Because Hogwarts=Christmas to me.) I notice something new every time. I was out of town, taking a bubble bath in a hotel tub when the beautiful detail of Nevill’s broken wand touched my heart. You see, Nevill has always lived in the former glory of his father. He had also inherited his father’s want, which broke during the fight for the Prophecy. In that moment, Nevill was free.

Total side moment.

Anyway, my point is that this Rowling’s prophecy leaves room for choice. Voldermort chose Harry. Just like we choose our problems. Of all the problems to have, this one’s cake. Still, one day I want to be a mom. I don’t want my son or daughter to struggle with thier own self-doubt because I never faced mine.

This theory helped me along that journey. I am hoping that sharing it with you will help you along yours.

Pots, Pans, Lids, and Worth

When we are born, we are born with a metaphorical set of pots and pans with factory-perfect lids.

However, as we live our life, those lids get damaged. Intentionally, accidentally, or otherwise.  Sometimes we lose our lids or have them stolen from us. We need these lids. They prevent steam from burning those around us. In this clumsy metaphor, the steam is our emotion, our impulses, and other things that drive our behavior before we realize it.

If we want to be on the stove with all of the other pots and pans, we need lids. Some of us have experiences that enable us to build new lids. Sometimes those lids are elegant in their redesign, and sometimes those lids are functional, but not exactly pretty. Sometimes those lids aren’t functional.

Think about someone you have a conflict with. Now imagine that they have done the best with what they have. Imagine that you can see their poorly constructed lid. Imagine that all of their quirks and words, whether cruel or benign, are just steam escaping from that poorly constructed lid.

I have always felt separate, and apart. Ironically, I am not alone.

However, when this thought came to me, I had so much gratitude swell up in me because my take away was this.

Yes, my lids are a work in progress. But, they are functional.

Imperfect and Functioning

I’m imperfect, but I am a functioning set of pots and pans. I have sculpted my lids so that they don’t let steam blow everywhere. This was such an exciting idea because it pointed me in a new direction. A direction of self-care. Now that my lids are functional, I am ready to do the work to make them beautiful.

Because I deserve beautiful lids, and so do you.

You’re Not Alone

If you struggle with worth or confidence, you are not alone. Find your tribe and they will invigorate you.

I have found the following books and YouTube channels that I have found to be the most transformative. These links are not affiliated, just my offering.

Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

5 Second Rule, Mel Robbons

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

Brittany Vasseur

By Rochelle

2018 Goals .:|:. A Roadmap to My Best Self

How I planned my 2018 goals

Monthly Goals

January 2018

There is no momentum like New Year momentum. It’s a magical thing that happens to our brains when we gear up to something new. That’s why advertisers tell you to publish on a release schedule. We can use this little hack against our habit-loving brains. I am going to use this to set up a schedule that I can follow for the rest of the year.

  • YouTube: I created a video template that will repeat itself throughout the year. Half of the work is done for me every time, making the idea of creating and editing a weekly video seem manageable. I’m also going to follow the same format to make it easy to see the growth between videos.


Work out 5x a week
Complete Daily Cleaning Task
Lose 8 lbs
Release video the first 4 videos of the year

Task: Greeting Card Round Up – A bad movie (or a good movie, if that’s your taste [You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!]) and an adult beverage is all it takes for me to set up my entire year. If you want to see a more in-depth tutorial on how I set up every birthday, anniversary, and other special occasion cards once a year and take the stress out of making loved ones feel special, you can read the upcoming blog post here.

~*~ Check out this Prezi I made for my entire year’s worth of goals. ~*~


Weekly Goals

  • Compare last week’s measurements and this week’s with for this weeks actual
  • Did I meet my goals?
  • What will next week goals be?
  • How will I meet them?
  • Work out 5x this week
  • Complete daily cleaning tasks
  • Lose 2 lbs


Treat Yo’Self! Build and Perfect a Pampering Winter Routine

Winter is in the air and this is my favorite time of year. I drive David, my husband, crazy with music, decorating, and traditions. If you’ve always dreamed of building routines, but were never sure how to start, check out my video on How to Build Routines.

Routine Can Put Your Health Habits on Autopilot

This year, Christmas is also all about getting ready for the New Year. I lost 50 lbs in 2017. I am hoping to lose another 50 lbs in 2018. As a way to celebrate, and to slowly get myself back into the swing of things, I’ve decided to go out of my way and build pampering details into my daily routines. Here is how I treat myself, how will you treat yo’ self?!

I am going to buckle back down on this weight-loss journey, but I want to give myself a luxurious threshold. And, since I love Christmas time (like, really, love it. I listen to Christmas music in the shower, I listen to instrumental Christmas music at work, I decorate to Christmas music, cook to Christmas music. Hello, my name is Jenna and I’m addicted – to Christmas. So, for my favorite time of the year, I decided to put together a truly lush morning routine.

Usually, my winter break is a whirlwind of projects. Last year I organized my entire kitchen, pantry, and linen closet. This time around, I wanted to build in some me time. I did a little research, and have perfected integrating little things into your daily schedule to make you feel pampered every day!

1. Buy your favorite holiday-flavored tea


For me, that’s sugar cookie and peppermint. I didn’t invest a ton of time finding gingerbread flavored, but that would be a welcome addition to my Christmas Tea collection.

BONUS: Decaffeinated tea ounces count toward your hydration goals! Delicious AND helps me slay my hydration goals? Um. Yes, please!

2. Set up a drink station


We have tea, decaf coffee, dairy-free powdered creamer, sugar-free hot chocolate with sweetener all set up in my little office. As well as my daily steady, I teach kids English in the wee hours of the morning with VIPKid. (In Fact, I should go to bed right now, but I’m going to finish up this post first. And not read. I won’t read. I won’t read. I won’t read. [Next day update: I didn’t read!! Go me!!] Anyway, we also have creamers in the mini fridge we keep in the man-cave. (Laziness level SAVAGE!)

3. Lotion up the lux way


If you’ve looked at my stuff before, you might notice that I mention Brittany Vasseur…a lot. This little hack actually came from her pregnancy morning routine video. (Here is the link) I got a $5 candle/mug warmer at Walmart and a little ceramic cup from the dollar store. Before I hop in the shower, I pump some lotion and oil into the little cup and let it warm on the warmer. Warm lotion on your skin during the colder months is, literally, a frickin’ win.

4. Feed your beast


This year I began a brand new tradition; I’m going to start reading the Harry Potter Series starting December 1st each year. I don’t know why, but Harry Potter just screams Christmas to me. (I’m Ravenclaw, BTW.) Listening to one of my favorite stories, revisiting some of my favorite characters, puts me in the best mood. Your beast might be drama-filled housewives shows, or gardening, or – well, literally anything.




Honorable Mentions:

The routines I built are the reason that I’ve been able to lose 50 lbs, start a side-hustle that makes me about $300/month, and projects to pour my passion into. Here are my favorite aspects of my morning routine.

For my full morning routine, click here to see the video

  • Gratitude journal – starting your day off with gratitude sets your brain up to look for reasons to be grateful all day, which research shows can improve your mood.
  • Bullet Journal routine – I’m a BuJo newbie and hack. I love the idea of it, but I have zero follow throw. My 2018 goal is to get better at this business.
  • Exercise – I work out at 5 am every weekday. I think I am going to incorporate 20-minute leisure walks on the weekend because when I am physically active at the beginning of a day, I tend to be more physically active for the rest of the day and I tend to lose less (not all) hours to binging on Netflix or Youtubery.
  • Meditate – Headspace has been amazing for me and I can’t recommend it enough.

Reach Out

How do you pamper yourself on cold winter mornings when there is slaying to be done and your bed’s gravitational pull seems insurmountable? Comment below, or find me on the soshymeeds.

How Much Can you Really Make Teaching with VIPKid?

I’m a VIPKid Teacher

David and I are adopting. It costs about $35k, and we are planning for David to be the stay at home parent. That means that I needed to find a way to supplement our income. Luckily, I came across VIPKid.

My first class was during the final week of November, and I made roughly $120 that week. So far, during the month of December, with 27 classes, I’ve made over $250. At this point, I work about an hour a day – sometimes I’ll work 2 hours on the weekend. However, eventually, I want to work from 2am-6am Sunday-Friday.

How Much I’ve Made from VIPKid in December

Below you will find the screenshot of my total paycheck for December, so far. Using some fancy math, I figured out that I will make about $350 for the entire month unless I get more bookings.

(This doesn’t reflect the entire month, just up to December 17, 2017)
Projection for Entire Month of December – $500

Classes began Friday, December 1st

End of November, Beginning of December ~ 4 hours ~ about $70

Below you can see that I wanted to ease myself into this. I chose a variety of strategies for the first week. I wanted to see how early I could wake up without feeling like a zombie during my day gig. I decided I was going to try and be crazy on December 2nd. I worked all day Friday, and then I stayed up the entire night. I think I took a nap between 2 and 3 am. However, by the last class, I was rallying myself. I was shaking, weak, my stomach hurt, and it was not a pleasant experience. I was grateful that I had the forethought to try only once. Whew! I love when I do a smart thing. But, in the end, I only worked 4 hours the first few days of December.

December ~ Week #1 ~ 5.5 hours ~ about $90

The first full week of December shows that I was still taking it pretty easy. I had a conference that I had to attend out of town on Thursday and Friday night, so I chose to not mess with a potential Teacher No Show since I didn’t really know about the wifi capabilities. For this week, I worked 5.5 hours.

December ~ Week #2 ~ 5.5 hours ~ about $90

In the second full week of December, I kept my availability limited. I wanted to see what it would feel like to wake up early most days of the work week. I purposefully chose the latest times to see if I could eventually work to waking up at 1:30 am, teaching from 2 am – 6 am, doing my morning routine and work an entire day IRL. I worked 5.5 the entire week.

December ~ Week #3 ~ 4.5 hours ~ about $80

Week three was a great opportunity, but with limited days. I was able to work more hours the few times that I taught. My birthday is December 23rd and David has something planned. (A little romantic cabin in the woods with a hot tub, a fireplace, and we get to bring our puppies!) This week I worked 4.5 hours because I chose to take Tuesday the 19th off. I’m not working early Thursday because our local theater company is showing Nightmare Before Christmas. I know that I will be out late, so – yeah. Tim Burton wins.

December ~ Week #4 ~ 10 hours ~ about $170

Week 4 of December was a bit tricky because it was my final week off from work. I decided to work on Christmas, (yes, ba humbug.) However, since we’re driving just a few hours away to my father’s house, I think it will be fine. This week is my “can I function all day after working 4 hours a day?” experiment. This week I will work 10 hours, potentially 16 more hours if those booking spots fill. If this week goes on as is, I will make about $180 this week. If I can get all of the spots filled, I will make around $450 this week.


Get your Side Hustle On

If you are a teacher (or someone with a BA with teaching experience) and you are in the position where you can go to bed a little early, wake up a little early, and find some weekend hours and you want to make anywhere from $100-500 a month?

Reach out, ask questions, I’m happy to share what little I know. If you’ve been inspired to apply, please consider using my referral link: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/?refereeId=9441438&refersourceid=a01

How to manage it all?

I have a YouTube Channel where I document my weight loss journey. (I’m 50 lbs down and have 60lbs more to go.)

I also do a weekly (that’s the plan, but…sometime’s it’s monthly, other times it’s seasonally,) podcast where I discuss cool EdTech tools, tips, and hacks.

How do I find time to exercise, meal plan, work a full-time demanding job at a County Office of Education, and find 4 hours a day to teach VIPkid, all while getting enough sleep? Routines!!

(If you’re curious about Routines you can watch my YouTube Video, or read about how I built my routines to make healthy habits automatic.)

The final piece of advice:

Join Facebook Groups

VIPKid – Videos & Props – Teacher Jennie Anderson moderates this gold-mine of a group. Lots of cute ideas, and very interactive and supportive folks.

VIPKid – Newbie Support – No question is too small for this supportive group.

VIPKid – Tips and Tricks – These folks think outside the box and share their creative ideas with you!

Use the Collaborative Lesson Bank

The Collaborative Lesson Bank – Part resource, part Facebook group, all awesome. I get my feedback done within minutes of finishing class thanks, in part, to this awesome resource. It can be a bit tricky to begin to use, but once you get the hang of it – Whoa, Nelly!

3 Easy and Quick Ways to Save Your Willpower for BIG Things

Your willpower is like a gas tank

When you wake up in the morning, your willpower tank is full. It replenishes with sleep. Once I understood this little fact, inspiration struck.

1. Plan your outfits for the week

$5 and 15 minutes on Sunday saves me from decision fatigue. Instead of spending an ounce of willpower, I have five dollar store baskets in my closet. I put my clothes for that day along with any underthingies and jewelry.

Some people like to hang their clothes together, but I like the separation of my weekly outfits from my wardrobe. It makes it easy for me to see what I am wearing on a weekly basis so that when it is time to declutter, it’s easy to think about what clothes sparks joy, and which are just taking up space.

Decisions saved: at least 5
– which underthings to wear
– outfit to wear?
–  jewelry to wear? necklace? long? short?
–  shoes to wear? flats? heels? sandals?
–  socks to wear? color? style?

2. Pack your meals for the week

My favorite thing about Harry Potter is Mrs. Weasley and the homemaking magic that allows her to knit sweaters, clean dishes, and create meals. I wish life was like that. I wish I could wave my wand and have all the adulting things done. Spend an hour or two on the weekends and prepare your lunch for the week. You can find a ton of quick and easy ideas on my this Pinterest board.

My favorite lunches

Although, my favorite lunches are the easiest things. I love easy, but I need healthy and cheap.

  • Chili (any variety of beans, diced tomatoes, cumin seasoning)
    Open, drain, rinse the can of black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and fire-roasted tomatoes and dump them all in the instapot with a good amount of cumin, salt, and pepper.
  • Cucumber, Avocado, Tajin seasoning
    I slice a cucumber, slice up half an avocado, and throw them in a bowl. Sometimes I’ll add raw onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jicama or whatever tickles my fancy.
    Decisions Saved: at least 4

    – pack a lunch or buy a lunch today?
    – what to make for lunch
    – what to pack with your main lunch
    – which containers/Tupperware/bags to use

3.  Rotate your menus/meal delivery service

Before we got a meal delivery service, I built 4 months of meals that I rotated. You can even organize your list using my digital bullet journal meal plan template. Planning eventually took no time because I recycled the same four months. I could plan, shop, prep, and organize within two-three hours. That was two-three hours of running my gas tank.

Click on the image above to visit the template

We get 3 dinners for $60 a week. Even with groceries for lunches and the basics, I still spend about $100 on groceries. However, I have zero food waste at the end of the week, I have cut my grocery shopping time down from an hour to 15 minutes. I have cut my meal-prep time to nothing. The best part? I make all of my meal-plan related decisions on the weekend with a glass of wine during Friday-night movie time.

Click to visit my YouTube review

Decisions saved: at least 3
– what to make for dinner (every night)
– which recipes to try
– which ingredients to buy

What will you do with your 12 decisions a day?

Twelve small decisions translate into three or four big decisions. It’s like saving the gas from several small trips for a big trip. If you recovered 12 decisions worth of willpower “gas,” what would you spend it on?

– working out?
– daily cleaning routines?
– meditation?
– Yoga?
– pursuing a passion?
– create something?
– write a novel?
– build healthy habits?
– crafting/DIY projects?

“You are one decision away from a completely different life” #5SecondRule | @MelRobbins

Common Core: What does it look like in the classroom?

Common Core

I have been a Common Core junkie since the beginning. 6 years ago I went out of county to get basic training. It was love at first site.

I was a rebel as a teacher.  I ditched my textbook about the 4th year in my career. It was easy to see that the curriculum wasn’t doing anything for my students. And, to add insult to injury, when I sat down with the state standards, the text book didn’t cover the standards AND the text meant for my 5th graders was actually a 3rd grade reading level. So when Common Core came down the line, I was eager to re-energize my self-built curriculum with rigor and choice.

That, for me, was my beginning of understanding what Common Core was and what it looked like in the classroom. Despite all of the training that I’ve had since, and all of the practice that I’ve done, I still felt uncertain when someone asked “so, what does it look like?”

So, what does it look like?

This is the most fair question that I come across because it speaks so deeply to a common problem in education. Sometimes, awesome ideas, tools, resources, and programs are adopted at initiatives and teachers who aren’t part of the conversation are expected to change their practice, the practice they think has worked for them, sometimes for decades. Too many times I see teachers being given theory, when practice is really what we need.

Achieve The Core – Beyond The Lesson

There is no magic bullet. However, this little beauty is pretty darn close. It’s a single page, easy to ready, and easy to use, and it’s flexible for many uses. It can be used as a non-evaluative observation tool. It can be used by teachers as a lesson plan guide. The questions can also be used by teachers as a a way to guide the self-reflection that good teachers need to become great teachers. It’s also a pretty awesome discussion tool.

Check it out!

common core

It Gets Better

Hopefully, you’ve taken a few minutes to click on the image, or the words above, to visit the Beyond the Lesson tool. If not, take a few seconds.

I’ll wait.


Isn’t it great?

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of how AchieveTheCore.org ‘s awesomeness. Get ready to dig in for the entire meal.

The Instructional Practice Guide

This little beauty is short, to the point, and makes creating lessons, reviewing lessons, reflecting on lessons, and everything in between a breeze. The Instructional Practice Guide (IPG) is split into 3 Core Actions.

Click HERE to get the IPG

Core Action 1: Focus each lesson on high0quality text (or multiple texts) Of course, this can also be media, primary sources, secondary sources, poetry, and much more. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly limiting word “text.”

Core Action 2: Employ questions and tasks, both oral and written, that are text-specific and accurately addressed the analytical thinking required by the grade-level standards. How much more simple is this? I love that it focuses the efforts of the teachers into a specific direction that will really give their students a real taste of what a Common Core Classroom looks and feels like.

Core Action 3: Provide all student with opportunities to engage in the work of the lesson. ALL students. This is huge. Your low kids, your high kids, your purple kids, your pink kids, your tall kids, your short kids, your EOs, your ELLs, your athletic kids, your techy kids. ALL kids have the right to learn. This Core Action speaks deeply to my philosophies and beliefs.

Each Core Action has a subset of skills with a rubric for ranking. Even though there is a rubric, it’s meant as a tool to measure growth, not as an evaluative tool that’s mean to to be scored and weighed.

No More Uncertainty

If you feel uncertain when someone asks “Ok, but what does it look like in the classroom?” I would encourage you to check out these resources.

What tools do you find the most useful when implementing the Common Core standards?

Tell me in the comments below. Life can get crazy, and busy, and can go by in a blur, but take a few minutes to reach out. I’d love to chat with you.

My name is Jenna, the EduSlayer. I’m writing this blog to give teachers shortcuts to getting the most out of their time.  If you want to learn more about how I keep track of the many moving parts of my job, check out my post about how I use my Digital Bullet Journal and get your own FREE template.

Check out my OnePageNGSS tool. All of the NGSS standards in one place.

Feeling stressed? Do you rush through your day, or you do live each moment? If you want to learn about how I decrease my stress and made healthy choices habitual and effortless (and lost 40 pounds  in the process,) check out my post about the importance of routines.

Now, go out and EduSLAY!

Kiddom Will Save Teachers Time and Hassle, All For FREE!!


I knew the minute I met Abbas Manjee that Kiddom was something magical for teachers.


First off, this guy had passion. It was more than an undirected, general passion. It was an educated passion, an articulate passion, that was perfectly aligned with my teacher-heart: making high-quality content accessible to teachers and students. How could I have known by the inviting smile of this former high school math teacher, that Kiddom would prove to be one of the most transformative pieces of technology out there? You can call it instinct, but I call it simple luck.

Abbas is Kiddom’s Chief Academic Officer. I met Abbas when I was invited to do an Ignite Talk hosted by EdSurge in Oakland. After I slayed my Ignite talk, I got to mingle with the educators and education technology folks. Abbas was one of the first people I connected with because the Kiddom team looked like they were buzzing with teachers excited about what they do. So, I meandered his way with a coffee cup and curiosity.

The first thing I asked was if Kiddom was free.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that there are beautiful programs out there that change lives and are worth every penny they might cost. However, in Jenna-land, things need to be free. I was shocked that his answer was, “Of course. Why would we charge teachers anything?” @Yo_Mista @Kiddomapp Click To Tweet (And, despite its success, it remains free.)

All right, touché Mr. Manjee, touché. As he described his experience teaching over-age high school students in New York City, I found myself relating the story of hours spent researching materials and activities that would meet the standards and connect with my students. We both agreed the time was well spent, but that finding it was so much time.

I asked him, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone just put it all in one place?”

“That’s what we’re trying to do at Kiddom. I love comic books, so I think of Kiddom as Batman’s utility belt for teachers. Kiddom gives easy access to the tools you need when they need them. But when they don’t need them, they stay out of your way. It’s not clunky.”

Mind. Blown.

He walked me through the basics, but I was not prepared. To be honest, Kiddom does a lot and they have a lofty goal, so it’s hard to succinctly describe the scope of its capabilities, but essentially, Kiddom helps teachers plan, assess, and analyze student learning via a variety of user-friendly interconnected tools.

Library – Free Resources, Quizzes, and More

Kiddom’s platform connects directly to a library packed with videos, quizzes, activities and more. They do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on student progress and commit less time to scouring the internet for something useful, and more time building a real individual picture of what your students look like, their strengths, and where they need support.

You might ask where all of this vetted content comes from. The answer may surprise you. Kiddom’s library offers materials from places like Khan Academy, CommonLit, CK-12, PBS Learning Media, Newsela, and much more. This gives you a plethora of resources from the best sites with a search engine that allows you filter according to standards and content.

Planner – A Digital Curriculum Tool


Planner is your best friend. You don’t need to scour the internet for resources and activities. You make curriculum once, and then click and drag assignments directly into your class’s timeline. Or, you can drag and assign it directly to an individual student’s timeline! No headaches, no fingers tired from over-typing. You get vetted content and can create student learning pathways using click and drag tools and lessons. Each lesson you assign provides vital feedback and data that you can use to tailor resources and instruction to meet the needs of your students in an interactive and engaging way that also has massive credibility.

The planner can be used like Pinterest, which means that you can save ideas that you like, but may not want to use now. You can also organize your assignments into categories based on topics or standards. You can even create more than one course. Which means that once you organize your lessons into a curriculum that you can share them across all of your classes.

Oh, and did I mention Kiddom’s planner is integrated with Google Drive? That means you can access and assign students any Google Drive attachment, right from Kiddom! You get all the perks of Google Classroom right from this nifty feature.

Gradebook and Reports – Beautiful and Meaningful


More like EMPOWERbook. This tool functions like a grade book on hyper drive because it has a variety of beautiful, full colored reports that you can use to analyze student growth and which steps to take next.

Kiddom’s reports are unique because you not only get overall class mastery reports but with a single click you can instantly convert those whole class reports into individual reports. This means that you get to spend your time analyzing and taking action on your student data, instead of grading to just get the data!

Collaboration and Sharing – Co-Teachers Rejoice!

I am a huge proponent of #BetterTogether. I am only as good as the people I collaborate with. The problem that arises with using a full platform is that it is challenging to share class and individual progress with administrators, coaches, TOSAs, and other people you might work with. Well, Kiddom has created a collaboration tool that will make it clear to anyone, no matter what their stake, where your class is in their academic journey.

Not only can you collaborate on Kiddom, you can decide what level to invite your collaborative partner into your Kiddom account. If you grant “view only” access, collaborators will not be able to edit or modify your lessons. This would be super useful to share with the people who support you in meeting your students’ needs. “View only” will grant someone access to view without the ability to change your content. This is great when you are working with a coach or TOSA. This is even beneficial for principals because all it takes is a glance to see what you’re doing in your classroom.

However, sometimes we work in teams. Sometimes teachers of different content subjects get together to build cross-curricular units. Sometimes you co-teach, or team-teach. Don’t worry, Kiddom’s got you covered, too. You can grant a collaborator “edit” permission collaborators can make changes, as well as have access to class or individual reports. If I were still in the classroom I would collaborate with my RSP teacher, my ELD teacher, and my PE teacher so they all had access to create their own assignments, or so they have a better picture of how they can support each of my students.

Student Dashboard – And It Works on iPads and iPhones

One of the most powerful things we can encourage our students to do is “own” their learning. Research tells us that students who feel an ownership will approach classroom tasks very differently from a student who is passive. Kiddom is built for student engagement. Students have access to their very own dashboard where they can track their overall progress, progress on individual skills, and respond to teachers’ comments. Oh and their iOS app works well for students who are glued to their phones.

Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is one of the most challenging parts of our already challenging job. I have some sway with my students. I’ve built a relationship with them, but it proves a challenge when it comes time to build those same relationships with their parents.

We don’t spend as much time with parents as we do with students. In fact, most of what our parents know about us is what their children tell them. With full-time jobs and full-time parenting, we need to make it as clear as possible, as quickly as possible, where students are and how we are celebrating their successes and supporting their needs. Kiddom has parent-communication tools built in so that your parents know the exact location of their child’s academic and social emotional growth (did I mention they have a social emotional component?). Yeah. That’s real.

The Bottom Line

I’m not the only one singing the praises of Kiddom. Ann Leghorn, a high school teacher says, “Kiddom has made me stop and say ‘Am I just letting this student repeat what they already know or am I really challenging them?’” Ann speaks to the importance of giving our lessons meaning.

Differentiation makes the content more accessible across ability levels. Although it’s key, it’s also very hard. Mrs. Oldenburg, a Special Education teacher in a Self-Contained Special Education Classroom. “Kiddom provides differentiation tools that allow me to reach all my students on their level!

If you haven’t tried Kiddom yet, they offer free and live digital demos! Or, if you’d rather learn it for yourself, check out these introductory videos. It might seem overwhelming, but if you reach out to the Kiddom team, they’ll support you. They even have a live chat feature in their app where you can ask them questions at any time. Oh, and if you already use Kiddom, take a second and send them some love. I’ve got a tweet below you can copy and paste, or throw them a digital high-five.

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Digital Bullet Journal FREE Template

My Digital Bullet Journal

Head on over to bulletjournal.com if you haven’t heard of bullet journaling.

It is a combination of an organization system, task list keep, calendar tracker, habit tracker, book list, any list, really – anything. I loved bullet journaling. I loved doodling, deciding color scheme, and everything else. What I didn’t love was HOW TIME-CONSUMING it was.

In my professional capacity, I work with technology to make teacher’s lives easier. I help people understand the tools that are out there that will provide them with self-grading quizzes, math practice that feels like games, and other fun and engaging ways to give students the opportunity to create content, rather than passively consuming it.

So, I figured, why not do that with my Bullet Journal?

Tracking habits became as simple as clicking a button, events and tasks became infinitely easier to manage. And, most important to me, because it was digital, I. Could. Never. Lose. It!!! (A feat for me)

My own digital bullet journal is full of recipes, lists, tasks, notes, and everything else. I created a template to share with my friends who were curious, and today, I’m sharing that template with you!

My own digital bullet journal is full of recipes, lists, tasks, notes, and everything else. I created a template to share with my friends who were curious, and today, I’m sharing that template with you!



This is crucial. Using Google Sheets means that you have an unlimited amount of tabs at your fingertips, which is amazing, and overwhelming. Using the simple “link” feature on a cell in the index page, you can keep track of all of your pages. This is also useful when creating a new page because you can link back to the index page, making navigation SUPER simple!

Weekly Grocery List

Making your list is easy because it’s been segmented by common areas in the grocery store, saving you time and money because your location-organized grocery list will keep you on track. When you download the Google Sheets App (iOS App Download -or- Android App Download) there is an amazing button, the strike-through button. You can simply touch the screen and your item will be stricken through!

Task List


The beauty of the Bullet Journal system is that it has a predictable flow. You start with your future log, your monthly spreads, then your daily spreads.  This little page will help you keep track of events, projects, due dates, bills, and all other things that sneak up on us. Ever wish you could have your Christmas cards ready early? Put “write Christmas Letter” in November. “Order Christmas Cards” in October. When you’re looking at your Weekly Spread and Daily Logs, you can revisit this page easily to populate it with events and tasks.

Weekly Spread and Daily Log


This is what I touch and look at daily. The three columns help me organize my tasks, which is a blessing! I have a lot on my plate, just like I bet you do. I keep track of tasks, link relevant emails, and plan my blog, videos, and other social media events. If I accomplish a task, I use the strikeout key.


If I don’t accomplish a task, I just change the font color to a light gray. This helps me figure out if I’m giving myself too much to do in a day, (if the tasks are grayed out,) or if I am not giving myself enough to do (all items use the strikethrough font.)

Habit Tracker

Part of the magic of the Bullet Journal is that you can keep track of the healthy habits you’re trying to build. This page helps you do that. You select a series of habits that you would like to keep track of. Type in the days of the week across the top row.

I like to use M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, R for Thursday, F for Friday, S for Saturday, and N for Sunday.

Then input the dates and use the lightest color to set your goals and darker colors to show which days you accomplished those goals.

Cleaning Zones


Because we only have one spin on this planet, I don’t want to spend a ton of time cleaning. However, cleaning my house has given me the mental and emotional energy to make the best and healthiest choices.

Daily zones are things that I accomplish on a daily basis. The Weekly DC (Deep Cleaning) zones are restricted to a single room and each daily task should take no more than 20-30 minutes. I got the zone rotation idea from DoItonADime.

Mood Matrix


If you are a fan of the Bullet Journal system, then you are probably familiar with BohoBerry. She does a Mood Mandala Spread that tracks her daily mood throughout the month in a beautiful mandala. It’s gloriously beautiful. It was more important for me to get the data, to just track my feelings.

NGSS – One Page Standards Sheet

 NGSS. Simplified.

I created this resource for any and all teachers.

When I began working on Lake County’s Next Generation Science Standards Lending Library, the first thing I did was to familiarize myself with the standards. For me, that meant writing down each standard. I know this sounds crazy, but it really helped me figure out how the standards fit together and what each standard was actually saying.

One of the things that surprised me most when I went through the standards, was how few there was per grade level. “This could fit on one page,” I said to myself. So, when I was done with my standard study, I decided to use my notes to create a single-page resource.

One Page Means Less Reading

It is my dear hope that teachers use this resource to study, plan, examine, reflect, and every thing else teachers are great at in order to improve their understanding of what the NGSS standards are asking students to be responsible for.

One Page Means Limitations

This resource is far from done. I’m collaborating with some smart folks to make the resource even better.

Below you will find the links to the One Page NGSS resources. I have grades K-5 and will add the middle school standards over labor day weekend.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please reach out to me via email: jenna@mrsjennarodgers.me



1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade


 Middle School and High School Coming Labor Day Weekend